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My name is Sam’theFungi’ McChesney. I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX and have lived in this region my whole life. I am one of the founding members and part of the leadership of the Central Texas Mycological Society. I host Ecology walks with the society, create edible mushroom beds, lead garden inoculations, and teach introduction to mycology and cultivation classes in and around central Texas.

I am passionate about ancestral medicine, specifically native flora and fungi.

“My mission is to end myco-phobia, transform myco-stigma, and to connect people through the power of mycelium.”

“Woah, that’s a lot of words fun guy, I’m not sure I fully understand.”

“No worries, I got you, Let’s GO!”

What is Myco-Phobia?

Broken down, ‘Myco’ means ‘relating to fungi’, and ‘Phobia’ is ‘the Fear or aversion to something’. Myco-Phobia is a fear based understanding that you may die or experience discomfort from eating mushrooms and it is better to stay away from them. I am contributing to ending mycophobia by engaging in community talks around fungi, and offering group opportunities to explore the local Ecology.

What is Myco-Stigma?

We know that Myco means relating to fungi so what does Stigma mean? In this case stigma is referring to the perception of mushrooms as bad for your health or being negatively associated with drugs. I am transforming mycostigma by showing the different applications of mycelium in many facets of our life. From educating about how mushrooms can be adaptogenic within our bodies, to their adaptogenic nature in the forest.

I am connecting people to the power of mycelium by creating mushroom gardens, leading ecology walks, and offering opportunities for myco-education through partnering with different companies and nonprofits in the United States.

One of my goals is to bring access to myco-education to anyone that wants to learn. I want everyone, regardless of circumstance, to have the ability to grow their own food and medicine using their local environment. To this end, I am working with the Central Texas Mycological Society to increase the availability of low cost mushroom information to the public.

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